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Sexual Harassment, Assault, or Abuse

Last updated: 02 June 2022

Contact the National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline

The National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline (NAVH) is a dedicated 24-hour helpline for reporting of violence and abuse, including sexual violence and sexual harassment, within and outside the family.

Contact AWARE’s Sexual Assault Care Centre

AWARE’s Sexual Assault Care Centre provides safe, free and confidential services for older youths and adults who have faced sexual assault and/or sexual harassment, even if it happened years ago.

If you need help, or feel unsure about a sexual encounter and just want to talk, please contact SACC in one of the following ways:

  • Call 6779-0282 (Mon to Fri, 10am to 6pm)
  • Email sacc@aware.org.sg (Mon to Fri, 10am to 6pm, replies within 3 working days)
Are you in primary school? If so, you can talk to Tinkle Friend :)

If you are in primary school (7 to 12 years old), you can contact Tinkle Friend to talk to a warm and friendly adult about the issue that is troubling you. These adults are working at one of the Singapore Children’s Society offices and they are there to listen and support you.

When you contact Tinkle Friend, they will ask you for your age, gender, and name. But you can decide how much you want to share with Tinkle Friend. You can also give a fake name if you are not comfortable sharing your real name with Tinkle Friend.

In secondary school? Read this!

Please tell a trusted adult about what happened. This can be your parent, teacher or school counsellor. It might be scary to tell an adult about this, but the adult may be able to support you and keep you safe from further harm.

If you don’t feel like you have an adult who you can talk to, you can also consider contacting the National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline at 1800-777-0000 (24/7, open to all genders and ages)

If you still feel unsure, AWARE’s SACC has information about child sexual abuse and underage sex that you might find useful.

Supporting someone below 16?

If you suspect that a minor is in need of support, you can contact the National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline at 1800-777-0000 (24/7, open to all genders and ages).

You can also contact any of the following Child Protection Services who offer specialised support services for children:

AWARE’s SACC has advice for responding to cases of child sexual abuse :

  • “A supportive, non-judgmental first response is pivotal in cases of child sexual abuse. If a child speaks up, listen and believe them. If you notice behavioural changes or sexualised behaviour in a child, gently investigate instead of shutting the child down. Though first instincts might be to scold, there are better ways to listen, show empathy, and seek help together with the survivor—e.g. by allowing the child to finish speaking, and assuring them that they are listened to, not judged or blamed.”

For more information, please refer to the following:

Workplace sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is sexually inappropriate behaviour from a co-worker, manager, or any other person in the workplace that makes you uncomfortable, and/or causes you alarm or distress. This includes behaviour that happens through digital means.

General support

If you experienced sexual harassment at work, you can consider:

Learn more about workplace harassment and the actions you can take

For sex workers or those engaged in sexualised labour

Project X provides para-counselling services, support groups, and case management (for both legal and non-legal courses of action).

  • Call or text:
    • 9060-9906 (available for calls, WhatsApp and text)
    • @projectx_sg (Telegram)
  • Email hello@theprojectx.org
For migrant domestic workers

HOME provides direct assistance, shelter, and legal aid to migrant workers in distress.

  • Call 1800-797-7977 (Toll-free)
  • Message 9787-3122 (WhatsApp / Viber / SMS)
  • Visit
    • 111 North Bridge Road, Peninsula Plaza, #04-32, Singapore 179098
    • 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, #06-22, Singapore 238863
    • 810 Geylang Road, City Plaza, #02-95, Singapore 40928

Hospitals best-equipped for sexual assault

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Call 6225-5554
  • Visit 100 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229899
Singapore General Hospital
  • Call 6222-3322
  • Visit Outram Rd, Singapore 169608
National University Hospital
  • Call 6779-5555
  • Visit 5 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapore 119074

Support in local universities

You can seek support from and report the incident to your university. The following universities offer specific services and instructions for sexual harassment/misconduct cases

National University of Singapore / Yale-NUS College

The NUS Care Unit offers support for those who have experienced sexual harassment or misconduct. You can contact them in one of the following ways:

  • Call 6601-4000 (available daily, monitored closely by NCU during office hours)
  • Email ncu_help@nus.edu.sg (available daily, monitored closely by NCU during office hours)
  • Submit a Confidential Help Form (requires you to log in with your NUS ID but your submission will be anonymous unless you provide them with identifying information).

You may also find the following useful:

YNC students: the Assistant Dean for your Residential College is able to provide you with general support. They can guide you through reporting processes and provide advice for your situation.

National Technological University

If you or your friend has experienced harassment or sexual misconduct, you can contact:

  • Campus Security at 6790-5200
  • The Office of Student Wellbeing at osw-wellbeing@ntu.edu.sg
  • Your immediate professor or school officer

Learn more about how NTU manages harassment or sexual misconduct reports and the harassment complaint procedure for students (intranet)

Singapore Management University

If you or your friend has experienced harassment or sexual misconduct, contact Voices@SMU , the university’s designated first contact for disclosures of incidents involving harassment. They will advise and counsel you on the possible options you can take.

Learn more about reporting discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct to SMU and find answers to Voices@SMU frequently asked questions

Singapore Institute of Technology

Should you experience behaviour that has caused you to feel harassed, alarmed, or distressed, please reach out to your Programme Leader or Registrar’s Office by emailing registar@singaporetech.edu.sg